The Educational Improvement Special Interest Group (EI SIG) is a systematic and timely response by CIES members to the emerging, interdisciplinary field of Educational Improvement Science (or Studies) (EIS) since the turn of the 21st century.

The new EI SIG aims to bring together academics, policy actors and other professionals in the field of comparative and international education who are interested in improvemental studies, with the following missions: (a) initiating and demonstrating the value of educational improvement in international settings; (b) examining innovative pedagogies for educational improvement through interdisciplinary, multiperspectival approaches of inquiry; (c) pioneering and applying such pedagogies that weapon practitioners to become professional improvers for learning, teaching and/or education; (d) exploring and expanding methodologies for the studies of educational improvement; (e) forming and networking professional communities for shared future of educational improvement in the world; and (f) comparing educational improvement in various systems and contexts in terms of key desirable values elaborated earlier, such as the improvement of educational mission, equality, quality, diversity, character, and so on.


  • Axel Rivas, Universidad de San Andrés (Chair 2022-2024) (
  • Adam Barton, University of Cambridge, UK (Chair Elect-Program Chair 2022-2024)
  • Xi Wu, Soochow University (Secretary 2022-2024) (
  • Atiqa Marium, Western University, Canda (Secretary-Treasurer-Elect),


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