The Kent State University Archives became the official depository of the records of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) by action of the Society’s Board of Directors in October 1980. Professor George Z. F. Bereday, Editor of the Comparative Education Review (1957-1966), made the first donation to the collection in January 1981.

The Society’s special collections and archives acquires, preserves, and provides access to primary sources and rare materials that support the learning, teaching and research about Comparative and International Education.  You can get more information at

The Collection

The Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) records are comprised of documents and audio-visual materials representing the history, activities, and interests of our society. These files include materials from the CIES OED (formerly Secretariat), volumes of Comparative Education Review and associated records, files of the various presidents of CIES, records of the CIES annual conference, and CIES study tours undertaken during the organization’s earlier years.

You can consult the guide here on what is considered primary sources and rare materials. 

Presidential Files

The Kent State Archives include presidential files from the following CIES Presidents:
Claude Eggertsen, R. Freeman Butts, Harold J. Noah, Robert F. Lawson, Ronald G. Paulston, Susanne Shafer,  Matthew Zachariah, George A. Male, Thomas LaBelle, Erwin Epstein, Barbara A. Yates, John N. Hawkins, Gail P. Kelly, Peter Hackett, Vandra L. Masemann,  Val P. Rust, Mark B. Ginsburg, Stephen P. Heyneman, Nelly P. Stromquist, Noel McGinn, Gary L. Theisen, Carlos Alberto Torres, William K. Cummings,  Ruth Hayhoe, Robert Arnove, Kassie Freeman, and Gita Steiner-Khamsi.

If you are conducting or interested in conducting research on the intellectual history of our society and/or need help in getting to and using the archive please contact the CIES Historian.

The Hoover Institution at Stanford University contains the collections of many individuals and institutions having done prominent work in Comparative Education. The Hoover collections contain documents on education in many parts of the world and are particularly rich on educational reconstruction in Japan and Germany after World War II.
For an article by Erwin H. Epstein based on research in the Hoover Institution archives on the pioneering work of comparativists Isaac L. Kandel and William W. Brickman, see

The following collections are of individuals and institutions commonly recognized by comparativists of education:

Academy for Educational Development (records for 1956-1986)
American Forum for Global Education (records for 1969-1989)
Anderson, Ronald Stone (papers for 1929-1980)
Brickman, William W. (papers for 1928-1986)
Brindley, Thomas A. (transcript for 1997)
Butts, Robert Freeman (papers for 1923-2004)
Coombs, Philip Hall (papers for 1955-1976)
DeWitt, Nicholas (papers for 1945-1987)
Eggertsen, Claude A. (papers for 1910-1995)
Fry, Gerald W. (papers for 1980-2009)
George Peabody College for Teachers (records for 1958-1962)
Gu, Mingyuan (transcript for 1989)
Hanna, Paul Robert (papers for 1920-1997)
Inkeles, Alex (papers for 1941-2003)
Int’l. Assn. for Evaluation of Ed. Achievement (records for 1959-1992)
International Council for Educational Development (records for 1969-1994)
International Institute for Educational Planning (records for 1966-1993)
Kandel, I. L. (papers for 1915-1966)
MSU Non-formal Education Center (records for 1977-1984)
Spaulding, Seth Joseph (papers for 1936-1983)
Thomas, R. Murray (papers for 1958-1995)
Vaizey, John (papers for 1926-1985)
Weiler, Hans N. (papers for 1956-1991)
Woody, Thomas (papers for 1919-1959)

 The Special Collections Research Center at the University of Chicago contains papers and records of individuals and institutions prominent in Comparative Education. Among the most notable are: Anderson, C. Arnold (papers for 1937-1990)
Bowman, Mary Jean (papers for 1916-1998)
Council on Anthropology and Education (founding records for 1968)
Havighurst, Robert J. (papers for 1932-1984)
University of Chicago Comparative Education Center (records for 1959-1970)