Perspectives is the member publications for the Comparative and International Education Society’s, covering events, Special Interest Group and Standing Committee updates, and conference information. It is also a chance for us to highlight member achievements, communications from board members, and non-academic articles from our members. 

Perspectives relies on your submissions to make it as informative and insightful as possible!

Please send your submissions/questions to:

Perspectives is published triennially, including a special pre-conference issue with important information every Spring.

Every issue follows a thematic track so watch out for emails from the OED asking for submissions!

The following are the types of member updates/submissions we are looking to publish, along with word counts:

  • Recent member book publications: Did you edit/author a recent book? Please send a cover photo, author(s) names, publishing company and 50 word or less blurb about your book (that has been published in the past year (and not included in any of our previous newsletters).

  • Recent member dissertations: If you’ve published your dissertation and want to highlight it (and not included it in any of our previous newsletters), please send your full name, headshot, dissertation title, and university where you completed your doctorate.

  • Member blogs: Do you have a blog where you address issues of concern to CIES members? Would you like to promote it in our website? Please send a hyperlink and 1-2 sentence blurb about your blog.

  • Photos with captions: Please send us any photos of CIES members engaging in comparative and international education teaching, research, etc. Include a caption with complete names of individuals in the photo. Please send us the email address of individuals in the photo so that we can ensure we have their permission to publish it in our newsletter.

  • Graphics and Charts: Are there any interesting graphics, charts or other visuals you have come across recently that you think would be of interest to the wider CIES community? Please send them to us with complete citations so that we can obtain copyright permission to include in our newsletter.

  • News and Views: Do you have any general news and views from the field of comparative and international education that you would like to share with CIES members? Send in your 500-750 word contributions and photos.
  • Letters to the Editor: General Letters to the Editor in response to content in the previous issue of CIES Perspectives are also welcome.
  • CER Commentary: Have you read an article in one of the recent issues of Comparative Education Review and wanted to respond to it, but didn’t know how? Here is your opportunity. Opinion pieces about CER articles, written in a constructive spirit of collegiality will be considered for publication in our newsletter.

  • General Commentary: Have articles that aren’t formal academic publications but still addressing issues relating to Comparative International Education that you want published? This is the place! We also offer a space for responses to previous articles published in Perspectives. We ask that opinions concerning the work of different groups within different fields are presented respectfully; Perspectives will not publish an article that directly denigrates the work of its members.

  • Please submit your 2000-4000 word piece well in advance of the publication deadline so as to give us time to edit and proofread.

Perspectives is overseen by an editorial board that is not connected to the CIES Board of Director.

“Unless otherwise indicated, all published articles represent the viewpoint of the author, and shall not be regarded as representing the views of or substantive approval of the content therein by the editors, editorial board (see next note), board of directors, or members of CIES.”


Item Name Posted By Date Posted

CIES Perspectives Winter 2023
PDF (5.25 MB)
Administration 2/13/2023

CIES Perspectives Spring 2022
PDF (11.59 MB)
Administration 4/18/2022

CIES Perspectives Fall 2021
PDF (7.39 MB)

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Administration 12/23/2021

CIES Perspectives Spring 2021
PDF (6.45 MB)
Administration 4/22/2021

CIES Perspectives Summer 2020
PDF (5.65 MB)
Administration 11/3/2020

CIES Perspectives Winter 2020
PDF (6.22 MB)
Administration 2/26/2020

CIES Perspectives Summer 2019
PDF (3.96 MB)
Administration 7/1/2020

CIES Perspectives Pre-Conference 2019
PDF (1.82 MB)
Administration 8/9/2019

CIES Perspectives Fall 2018/Winter 2019 Issue
PDF (7.85 MB)
Administration 4/13/2019

CIES Perspectives Summer 2018
PDF (4.28 MB)
Administration 6/13/2019

CIES Perspectives Winter 2018
PDF (8.09 MB)
Administration 6/13/2019

CIES Perspectives Newsletter – Fall 2017
PDF (5.37 MB)
Administration 2/16/2018

CIES Perspectives Newsletter – Spring 2017
PDF (9.09 MB)
Administration 10/18/2017

CIES Perspectives Newsletter – Winter 2017
PDF (1.58 MB)
Administration 10/18/2017

CIES Perspectives Newsletter – Fall 2016
PDF (2.5 MB)
Administration 10/10/2016

CIES Perspectives Newsletter – Spring 2016
PDF (2.46 MB)
Administration 5/26/2016

CIES Perspectives Newsletter – Winter 2016
PDF (2.62 MB)
Administration 2/2/2016