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SIGs Announcements:

-  Please send to the Secretariat ( any file you would like to add to the SIGs space (under construction) on the CIES website.

- Thank you to those SIGs who have submitted their annual reports and have sent in their annual dues. The address to send your report and/or your annual dues is:

Dr. Hilary Landorf, Treasurer
CIES Secretariat
Florida International University
College of Education, ZEB 312
Miami, FL  33199

-  The following are new SIGs. If you are interested in joining, please click on the appropriate title below:
Cross-national Educational Borrowing and Transfer SIG
  Latin America SIG
                                                                                  Middle East SIG
                                                                              Early Childhood SIG


Policies and Procedures to create a SIG
The Special Interest Groups (SIGS) provide a forum within CIES for the involvement of individuals drawn together by common interest in a field of study. Recognized SIGS will receive conference space at the annual conference.
Any group of at least 15 active CIES active members may petition for the establishing of a SIG. Each
petition should include the printed names, emails and/or mailing address, and signatures of the members, as well as a rationale describing the purpose, scope, and uniqueness of the SIG and its membership. These petitions will be reviewed and accepted or rejected by the CIES Board of Directors. Approved SIGS are required to submit a yearly annual report. SIGs will be assessed dues to the Association of $150 annual dues to partially defray Society costs for supporting the SIGs Please see the policies and procedures for development and activities of CIES SIGS.
To register your interest in creating or joining a SIG, please send an email to




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Editorís Corner
For the May 2007 Newsletter, please submit INFORMATIVE SHORT REPORTS or REFLECTIONS, maximum 3 pages double spaced, on topics
such as (but not limited to) international development projects, teaching of Comparative & International Education
courses, or critical issues in the Society. Research articles or abbreviated versions of articles or papers for publication are not accepted.
Please send your reports or reflections to


EMAIL:   Website:      PHONE: 305-348-3488