September 2004 Newsletter
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CIES 2005 Doctoral Candidate Workshop Application

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The New Scholars Committee invites doctoral candidates to apply for
participating in the Doctoral Candidate Workshop that will take place on
March 22nd, 2005, during the CIES 2005 Annual Meeting at Stanford

This is an whole-day event in which doctoral candidates who are currently
embarked in their dissertation research share their challenges and
preliminary findings, receiving feedback from two recognized professors in
the field of comparative education, and also from fellow students who attend
the workshop.

The deadline for applying is November 15th, 2004.

Each student accepted to participate in the Doctoral Candidate Workshop will
receive a travel grant of $250 (US Dollars).

You can apply on-line in the New Scholars website, where you can also find
more information on the application and selection process, please visit our

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