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SIG PANELS at 2008 Annual Conference (New York City)

Monday, March 17 * 10:30-12:00 * 1:30-3:00


At the 2008 Annual Conference in New York (March 17-21), the CIES Globalization and Education (G&E) SIG has  assembled two panels that engage with questions on how to theorize and research the multiple (and multi-directional) relations between globalization and education. 


Monday March 17, 10:30-12:00


Monday March 17, 1:30-3:00

Schools out of Place, New Geographies of Education

Globalization and Educational 'Markets': Canadian Offshore Schools in China
Hans G. Schuetze (University of British Columbia)

Branch Campuses in a Neo-Liberal Context
Patricia Croom (Michigan State University)

The Pedagogical Camp: Refugees, Education, and Repatriation in a Global Milieu
Andrew Epstein (University of Wisconsin, Madison)



Peter Demerath (University of Minnesota)
Irving Epstein (Illinois Wesleyan University)


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Scaling, Spatiality, and Actors: Approaches to Theorizing Globalization


Agency and Power: Confronting Contemporary Theories of Globalization and Internationalization in Higher Education

Alma Maldonado-Maldonado (University of Arizona)
Brendan Cantwell (University of Arizona)

GATS and the Politics of Education: A Pluri-Scalar Analysis of Liberalisation Factors
Antoni Verger (Universteit van Amsterdam)


Paradox or Parody? Globalisation and Internationalisation of Higher Education

Brian D. Denman (University of New England)

Anthony Welch (University of Sydney)
Gita Steiner-Khamsi (Teachers College, Columbia University)


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Please also plan on attending the SIG Business Meeting - Monday March 17, 12:10-1:30.

This year we received over 30 proposals but were allotted only 2 panels because our dues-paying membership numbers are low.  Please come to the business meeting and/or contact the SIG Chairperson Noah W. Sobe ( to pay membership fees and join the SIG, thereby enabling us to properly reflect the interest in this topic and organize more panels at the 2009 Annual Meeting.



SIG Chairperson (2007-2008):

Noah W. Sobe

Assistant Professor, Loyola University Chicago



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Papers from CIES 2007 Panel

"Theorizing Globalization"





Convened by Stephen Carney

(Roskilde University, Denmark)


We are grateful to Martin Carnoy (Stanford University) and Sangeeta Kamat (U. Mass - Amherst) for serving as discussants on the panel.


The following papers are available for download:


"Negotiating policy in an age of globalization: exploring educational ‘policyscapes’ in Denmark, China and Nepal"

Stephen Carney (Roskilde University, Denmark) 


"Comparative Education, Globalization and the World System: Towards a Methodology"

 Holger Daun (Stockholm University)


"The Fourth Dimension of Globalization in Academic Captialism"

Judith Walker (University of British Columbia)



At the 2007 CIES annual meeting in Baltimore the Globalization and Education SIG held a panel titled "Teaching about Globalization", convened by Sandra Staklis (Stanford University) and Noah W. Sobe (Loyola University Chicago). 


Alongside interest in globalization as a concern of research and scholarship, there seems to be increasing interest in teaching about globalization in schools of education, both at the graduate and undergraduate level.  In the panel in Baltimore we strove to feature a range of pedagogic and curricular approaches being used to present and organize globalization – not only in courses specifically on comparative and international education, but also in general foundations courses as well as in teacher prep courses. 


Syllabi discussed at that panel are available for download here and we invite others to send the SIG chairperson syllabi and/or reflective writings on teaching about globalization to also be posted on this website.




Globalization in an Undergraduate Course on Comparative Education

José Cossa (Colgate University)


Globalization in an Undergraduate Course on Education and International Development

Irving Epstein (Illinois Wesleyan University)


Globalization in a Graduate Course on Comparative Education

Sandra Staklis (Stanford University)


Globalization in a Graduate Seminar on Comparative Higher Education

Bernhard Streitwieser (Northwestern University)


Graduate Seminar on Education and Globalization

Noah W. Sobe (Loyola University Chicago)

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